Sir Ken Knight CBE QFSM

As Chairman of Gresham (SMS) Ltd I, along with my Co-Director Stephen Neville OBE welcome you to our website.
Gresham is able to provide high quality strategic fire safety advice to both the public and private sectors together with organisational reviews for fire and rescue services both in the UK and overseas. In particular Gresham offers the following services:

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* Fire Safety Policies & Strategies

We specialise in providing advice on fire safety risk management to ensure that you have the appropriate fire safety policy and strategy in place to ensure organisational compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, for the safety of the occupants and property protection.

* Policies and strategies for fire and a rescue services

Fire and Rescue services face challenging times in both the UK and overseas. At Gresham we are able to provide organisational reviews of your Service to meet the public and political aspirations of the changing environment in which you operate.

* Fire Risk Assessment

Fire risk assessment is at the heart of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Gresham provides risk assessment by competent fire risk assessors to ensure compliance with the Order.

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* Training

To ensure an integrated approach to your fire safety strategy it is important that those occupying and responsible for your premises know the preventative measures to take and what to do in the event of fire. The bespoke fire safety training for your business offered by Gresham gives you and your insurers added assurance.

* Fire Equipment procurement management

The fire equipment for your premises is an important part of your overall fire safety strategy and that the equipment is appropriate for the risk covered. Gresham provides a procurement management service to ensure that the fire equipment matches your requirements.

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* Ongoing support

At Gresham we feel it important that we provide continuing fire safety assurance to you and your business and thus offer ongoing safety to the occupants and business residence in the event of fire. It is also important that this responsible for fire safety enforcement and regulation. We are therefore pleased to provide both short term and long term secondment and placement of qualified fire risk assessors and fire engineers for both the private and public sectors.